February 22, 2017
Overly Site Amenities, LLC

Current Social Responsibilities of Overly Site Amenities, LLC

Overly Construction Group is proud to continue dedicating Overly Site Amenities, LLC as a charitable company as we transition from a successful 2016 to the year of 2017. OSA is very active in terms of social responsibilities and donates countless dollars to the DFW community. Our team also volunteers and serves the community with our personal hours, which has instilled in us a sense of pride in our work and has become a great team building experience! Through the leadership of OCG, OSA acts when there is a need present – from donating to families of colleagues in need to giving a helping hand.

Although OCG has never selected a specific, consistent charity in the past, the company is currently looking at local charities and events to be able to take part in. Our goal is to eventually find a local charity that we can fully dedicate our donations and volunteer hours to.

In the meantime, we are considering creating a community relations blog that highlights whatever charity or event that captivates our company's attention. Our plan is to post photos and write-ups of the events that we attend, and by doing so to help a wider variety of charities, as well as to help publicize those charities!

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